04 October, 2014

The Time Has Never Been Better

The Time Has Never Been Better than now to arrest those two lying bastards (Bush and Blair) who got us into this disaster with IS. They took us into an illegal war in Iraq and profitted beyond belief as a result.

There are two ways of bringing them to justice.

1.     Arrest them and turn them over to the International Criminal Court. But of course, the USA is one of VERY FEW "First World" countries not signed up to the Court.

Which means Bush faces only the second alternate method of being brought to justice. Blair, because the UK is signed up to the Court, could face trial in the Court or the second alternate.

2.     The second alternate, and trust me, I am a life long opponent of state executions, is a rather grizzly one and therefore one for which they are so deserving. That is to arrest them and turn them over to IS (preferably in return for all of their hostages). And IS can mete out its own very final form of justice.

But of course neither action will take place. Those tw shits, blair and bush are just too powerful, wealthy and well connected.


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